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Hello to the one reading my testimony here today.  If you are reading this, you have heard God's call and the pulling of your heart strings.  He knew just where to lead you to this website.  God lead me and called me to First Assembly of God.


This church has changed my life.  The best part is that this church is still growing and we ask you as they asked me, to come and help us grow. 


It feels wonderful to feel needed even when you are the one that is in need.  This church has a heart like no other church I have ever been too.  They reach out with open arms and ask you to join their family. It is not the type of family that turns it's head in shame or looks the other way when you are in pain, but they take your in and teach you  -- REALLY TEACH YOU God's way and they give you tools that help you learn and a strong shoulder to help you along your journey. 


If you think this is all too good to be true, come and join us in worship.  I will be there.  I am still fairly new, but we can learn together. I will be God's tool to knock at your door, please answer.


This call is for anyone who has ever been lead astray, left behind out in the cold, or just couldn't or hasn't found the time to be a part of a loving church.


Jesus said, All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one that comes to Me, I will by no means cast out.  John 6:37


Praise be the glory of God when you find a home with him.



23 year old mother

Jacksboro, Texas

I didn't grow up in church. I went to a few, but it wasn't something we had to do.  My parent's didn't go except on holidays or special occasions when they weren't strung out on something.


My marriage was about to go down the drain when Pastor and Karen Cleghorn found me on the parking lot of the church.  I was contemplating my divorce.  I was 23 years old with two kids, no education and no where to go.


My husband would fight me tooth and toenail  for the kids and I didn't have any money to keep my kids.  I was just going to sign them over to him and leave. 


I was pretty lost in every way.  I believed in God so very strongly growing up.  He was the only good thing I had in my life.  I had a lot of really bad things happen to me and through it all, God has always helped me find my way.


I put many of my abusers in jail and helped others get counseling.  I found myself in a dark place and not believing that God was really there.  I married and found myself facing a whole new darkness that tore me apart.  We were into drugs and all kinds of things.


When Pastor and Karen found me on the parking lot, I found God.


I once heard in a movie that it takes three to make a marriage work. "you, your spouse and God."  I believe this.  With the open arms of First Assembly of God, my family is now together and we are working on our marriage and our relationship with God. 


I am thankful to Pastor Cleghorn and the family at First Assembly of God for giving my family a chance. 


I needed open arms, so that I would not be afraid to open mine.



Jacksboro, Texas

Hi, this is Molly. I am the redhead (in case you forgot my name). Today was an amazing day for me. Honestly I have never talked to God before. I didn't even really know He was there. I was confused but, it was like everything you said felt like an earthquake to me.

I had a amazing day and when I got home I was talking with God and I asked for something and He gave me a star :) a real star I was looking up and the star did everything but spell my name I wanted to tell somebody.
My boyfriend is in rehab and he has been miserable every day. When I called him tonight he was so excited and happy. He got baptized today and he feels new he said, and he is coming home this week (been gone for 3 months) and we are gonna go to church. How do we find a good one for us both?
Thank you for your time and everything you have given me.



Jacksboro, Texas


ADDENDUM: In 2011, Molly was tragically killed in a pedestrian auto accident.  We are so thankful that we were available to her to find Christ.

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